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Dear Dr. SUZUKI Koshiro,

Greetings form the Journal of Brain, Behaviour & Cognitive Sciences

Looking at your contribution in the past towards development of scientific community, we are considering you as potential author and are pleased to inform you that the Journal of Brain, Behaviour & Cognitive Sciences is under process of accepting the papers within its realms.

We have gone through your publication entiled “A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Human Wayfinding Behavior Using Maps and Written Directions” and were very impressed by it. We would like to know your availability of submitting such interesting articles to our Journal upcoming issue.

Journal of Brain Behavior and Cognitive Sciences is an peer-reviewed, scientific journal that provides a quality platform to publish the most complete and reliable source of information in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in all areas of behavioral and clinical neuroscience, brain mapping unit, cerebral pharmacology, cognitive ageing, cognitive neuroimaging, cognitive psychology, computational modeling, neuropharmacology, neurophysiology, neuroscience, parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s disease and other areas justifying the title of the journal. For more details please go through Behaviour and Cognitive Science Journal

If possible, We would appreciate receiving your submission through online tracking system at Cognitive Sciences Journal (or) send as an e-mail attachment to editorial office at jbbcs@neurologyinsights.org. It would be great if you could submit by November 25th, 2017 so that we could process it for the next Issue.

We will be looking forward to hear a positive response from you soon.

Best regards,
William Rupert
Editorial Assistant
Journal of Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences
Tel: +1-702-508-2676
Email: jbbcs@neurologyinsights.org


(3)Editorial Boardに掲載されている編集委員がみな実在の人物である



Greetings from Japan. Thank you for your encouragement.
Of course I do some cognitive mapping research and some projects are ongoing. Additionally I am interested in recent rapid progress of open access movement. Now I must beg of you to be asked several questions regarding the credibility of your journal before I consider it as a possible alternative. Please note that I have a blog in Japanese. Your reply will go public and reach a wider Japanese audience. I promise that your sincere reply will help removing the skepticism for the journal.

1. 掲載論文にDOIは付くのか?
Do all the articles on your journal obtain and possess DOI?
2. もしDOIがない場合、掲載論文への永続的なアクセスをどう保証するか?
If not, how we can ensure that each paper has an individual permanent access?
3. DOAJに未掲載だが、掲載される予定はあるのか?
Your journal is not included in DOAJ. Why? Is there any concrete plan to be included?
4. ISSNは取得済みか?
What is the ISSN number for the journal?
5. 誰が査読を担うのか?最終的な掲載の判断を誰がどうやって担うのか?
Who are the possible reviewers? Who will maintain an essential decision for the publication and how?
6. 掲載論文の認知度を高めるための御社の方策は?メジャーな学術情報リンクと接続されているのか?
How your publisher secure the published articles for gaining an international recognition? For instance, does your publisher have the link to Springerlink, Sciencedirect and so on?
7. 本誌および御社の雑誌のいずれかにインパクトファクターはあるのか?
Do(es) your journal(s) have any impact factor?

ご担当のWilliam Rupertさんから返信を頂きました。これをお読みになってどうお考えになるかは人それぞれでしょう。真摯に返信してきた点は評価できますし、これを従前のハゲタカ出版社と同じには扱ってはいけない(ブラックな雑誌ではなく、将来性も含めて未知数の新興誌として扱うのが妥当)と感じた次第です。もちろん掲載料ビジネスではあるのでしょうが、学術情報データベースへのリンクが確保され、APCの金額が妥当な範囲に収まり、本当にDOIが貼付されるのであれば、架空の出版物ではなくなりますから、あとはコスト・パフォーマンスの問題(APCの金額と雑誌掲載に対する評価とのトレードオフ)になるのではないでしょうか。ひとまず、これでこの雑誌の件はいったん更新を終了し、今後の推移を見守ることにしたいと思います。
Thank you for your prompt response.
We are very happy on hearing from you.
As our journal is newly launched journal, we need support from eminent people like you.
By the release of our first issue our journal will get DOI and your manuscript will get an individual permanent access.
our journal is open access and having double blinded peer review process.
We have a great number of viewers across the globe, so that your manuscript will gain wider recognition.
Please let us know the possible date of submission.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
If you have any further queries, kindly revert back to us.


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